During lunch time, vegetables and side dishes are all-you-can-eat.

Set Meals

The soup that comes with all set meals can be changed to Okinawa Soba for an addition 200 yen.

Grilled Pig Trotters Set 1,580 yen
Grilled Stewed Pork Ribs with Cartilage Set 1,380 yen
Agu Pork Tonkatsu Set 1,380 yen
Fried Bananafish Set 1,280 yen
Boroboro Juicy (Okinawan rice porridge) with Squid Ink Set 1,280 yen
Boroboro Juicy (Okinawan rice porridge) with Mugwort Set 980 yen
Fried Shrimp Set 1,350 yen
Fried Oysters with Five Varieties of Vegetables Set 1,280 yen
Broiled Mackerel Set 790 yen
Japanese-style Hamburg Steak Set 1,280 yen
Fried Chicken Set 980 yen
Okinawa Soba Set 990 yen
Yushi Tofu Set 990 yen

Okinawa Soba

Okinawa Soba
Okinawa Soba
Ribs Soba (M) 590 yen
(L) 690 yen
(XL) 790 yen
Stewed Pork Ribs Soba (with cartilage) (M) 650 yen
(L) 750 yen
(XL) 850 yen
Yushi Tofu Soba (M)690 yen
(L)790 yen
(XL)890 yen
Pig Trotter Soba ■One Trotter
(M) 690 yen
(L) 790 yen
(XL) 890 yen

■Two Trotters
(M) 790 yen
(L) 890 yen
(XL) 990 yen

Other Dishes

Inari Sushi 90 yen
Vegetable Tempura 90 yen
Vegetable Tempura (take-out) 100 yen

※All listed prices do not include tax.



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